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AAZ Custom

What we do

Prints and Frames purchased from Abandoned AZ L.L.P.’s  AAZ Custom Shop are our finest products.  Each print is adorned with a hardwood frame, handcrafted in our Flagstaff location from exotic hardwoods sourced from all over the world.  Buyers start by choosing the frame wood from of our large selection of available hardwoods.  We offer both domestic and imported choices.  In most cases, if the wood you would like is not readily available, we can order it for you.

Exotic hardwoods
A selection of exotic hardwoods
Frame sets ready to be cut into molding
Four hardwood frame sets which are about to be made into frame molding

Once the buyer has selected their preferred wood, and desired print and matte sizes, we cut and plane the frame sets (pictured above) from the lumber and begin the process of creating the frame molding.  Each piece of molding is made in our shop in Flagstaff Arizona and is finished by hand.

raw birch molding
A view of raw birch molding before sanding
Custom Shop Image frame molding
Each piece of hardwood frame molding is made in our flagstaff shop and finished by hand.

We offer a variety of finishing options to suite the buyer’s specific taste.  From simple wax, to clear coats, to flame finishes, we offer many options!

A flame finish on white pine
A flame finish on white pine
Stained, waxed Birch frame
Stained, waxed Birch frame

UV resistant glass is a standard feature of all Z-Line Custom Shop creations to keep your print looking vibrant and beautiful for years!

If it is Canvas that you are interested in, you’re in luck!  We are able to print and stretch our range of canvas products in-house.

Canvas print
36″x24″ glossy canvas print of ‘Sky on Fire’
Stretching Canvas
All Abandoned AZ Canvas prints are stretched over hand-made frames which are individually produced in our custom shop.
Finished Stretch
A 20″x24″ canvas stretch of ‘Echoes’
Echoes canvas