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Image Collections

Desert Lakes

Interesting things seen our our trip through the desert lakes.


Motorcycle Images

A collection of motorcycle related images shot at Twin Arrows and Two Guns, Arizona.

Sunset at Two Guns

Images shot at the ruins of Two Guns, Arizona during the summer sunset.

Out the door

Devils Slide Bunker

Images shot at the Devils Slide Bunker in Northern California.

Devils Slide Bunker

Stuck on a Mountain

Images shot while traveling through some really sketchy areas in the Mingus wilderness.


An interesting night at the compound…

Our Backyard

Images from around the shop.


Mt Elden

Sometimes bad weather is a great time for a walk.



Treasures left in the open.

Jerome and Wilderness

Treasures left in the open.

Sky on Fire

The sky’s a burnin!

Walnut Canyon

Walnut Canyon Monument area


Images taken in the Gap Arizona area on the Navajo reservation

Sonoran Sunset

Sunset in the Sonoran Desert

Light Show at the Desert Botanical Gardens

Images from the light show at the Desert Botanical Gardens


Some astro shots from our back yard!