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Help Western Post

AAZ has a three-tiered way to help our Flagstaff small businesses, this month is WESTERN POST

  • Raffle of ‘Reflections’ by Lyndsay Burnett
  • Silent Auction of ‘Neon Eden’ by Levi Vanschoiack
  • Donation: see your dollars positive impact, from home

We know that times are uncertain, we also know that there are so many businesses that need support and make up our amazing town of Flagstaff.

Raffle of ‘Reflections’ by Lyndsay Burnett

The raffle is $25.00/ticket, 2 for $45, and 5 for $100.00

Buy one, buy five, and put this amazing iconic image on your wall to brighten the space.

‘Reflections’ Lyndsay Burnett Wandering Summit Photography

Silent Auction of ‘Neon Eden’ by Levi Vanschoiack

Neon Eden: 18×24 Recycled and Natural Materials on canvas

Silent Auction of “Old ’66” by Lindsey DeStefano

Old ’66: 8.5″x11″ Ink on art stock

Make a Monetary Donation

Use the link below to donate any amount, and give what you can. We are honored to help such an amazing Flagstaff installation, with an amazing staff of people that make up our amazing magic mountain town.

$5, $10, $20, $50, $100, and Custom amount are all the suggested donations- so even if you only have $2 bucks to give, it is still giving to a good cause, and will add up!

Current Auction Bids

Old ’66 – Amanda DeLano – $50