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Abandoned AZ – StART Local Project


Let’s talk how to get back at it…

  • We have a way to put local art to work to help generate funds for your staff and business, while raising awareness in our small town.
  • We have created a three-tiered system of support: In donation, through art raffle, and also, silent auction. All Online!
  • Customers and artists alike have needed a new way to give and support – This is it.

How Does it Work?

AAZ will donate a piece for raffle, and sponsor another artist’s work for the second piece for auction. Our website hosts the URL to provide donation, place auction bids, and buy raffle tickets.

No cost to your business, no added stress. All donated because this is our town, and our people, and you are our businesses!

We will host you for a month, from First Friday, to First Friday; and your staff and business receive 90+% of proceeds. AAZ will retain no more than 10% – only to be used to cover our costs in this endeavor, and pay for advertising on social media. (Unfortunately hosting isn’t free…)

How do I get Involved?


If your staff or business are in need during this tumultuous time, we are happy to help get your message out, and provide a way for our community to help.

Give us a call at 928-288-2226 to speak with Lindsey.

For Artists

If you are an artist interested in helping one of our great local businesses, please, Reach Out! We have several opportunities available to both get your work out there, and also to help your community.

You can email us at, or call at 928-288-2226.

For Individuals

This month’s partner is shown below. Please buy a raffle ticket, or bid in the silent auction to for a chance to win great local art. If your walls are currently full, and you’re looking for a way to help, you can also make a monetary donation.

THE CHOICE IS YOURS!  Let’s help our mountain town!

Our January 2021 Partner

Woody’s Old School Tattoos & Piercings

Art from Blue Benson and Chameleon

Click anywhere below to check it out!